Someone To Blame Lyrics

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How come youÞ‚'re blaming me about
The things that I have never done
ItÞ‚'s such a shame
Well, itÞ‚'s your weakness that you hide
So, donÞ‚'t tell me how to live my life
Þ‚'Cause youÞ‚'re so lame

You may steal my wings tonight
But IÞ‚'ll pay you back for your surprise
(you know where you all belong)
You may feed my rage to fight

[lyrics was taken from] And IÞ‚'ll tear you down with my device
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(you know where you all belong)

Well, I suppose you have the facts
To criticize me all the time
Are you the judge who decides?

ItÞ‚'s your time to cry
IÞ‚'ll wash you away
I will be your doom and disgrace