Since The Wheel Free Lyrics

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Here we are, we since the wheel free
Go boldly roll 'round worlds to see
It's not enough to captive worldly
If spirit leave me body freeze

Set it free, follow me, why don't we
Take a holiday?

Town to town whisper your name
Home is not the same
Calling closer to your blame
Love comes creeping every day, to show the way

With grace I'm paving
So old, road crooked yet so straight
Still rolling stones have made
Me so aware that nothing comes too late
That nothing comes too late

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Just sit right down and try to tell me
Of a future high road soul to space
If I'm violent shouting lies are what feels good
Take away what's empty let love replace

Beg you please, join on me, why don't we
Put the game away

Whisper songs that sing so great
Crack and smash the whip that breaks
Such a solid waste
All in all for goodness sake

Town to town whisper your name
Coming closer to your flame
Love comes creeping every day
To show the way, to show the way
Such a solid waste, such a solid waste