Wit Ee's Lyrics

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Sermon, Def Squad, no time
With ease
That's how I do this (that's what I'm talkin 'bout)
Y'all holla at me (that's what I'm talkin 'bout)
Yeah (that's what I'm talkin 'bout)

[Erick Sermon]
Huh, I do it like this fo' sheez
Keep it so real for the O.G.'s
Black truck outside that's E's
And it sits on twenty-threes (tell 'em)
Yeah rhymin, does this with ease
Makin beats is my expertise
He can't do it again, best believe
I pull a rabbit out my hat and my sleeve
Now, take my picture, cheese
I'm hot like Craig Mack, "One thousand degrees"
My face shown on mad TV's
When I come fans warm and transform like bees
Hmmm, been rappin before CD's
I'm so cold, everything around freeze (brr!)
Go ahead, talk about me please
You can stop me here, but I'm big overseas

[Chorus: Erick Sermon]
This here's something so ill
Something for the ear so chill
Ill this cause this so real
I rock spots from 12 until
Dig it - I flow this (with ease)
Dub - I shows this (with ease)
Kid - I rock this (with ease)
Yeah - I does this (with ease)

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Here's somethin that's rarely seen
Me so dark, eyes so green
I'm so fresh so clean
Three-wheel motion, car on lean
In D.C., parked outside Dream
In A-T-L, parked outside Cream
Stepped back and checked the scene
Dirty girls up in here, but not Justine
This here flow's in my genes
Pockets, dough in my jeans
Some jewelry, watch might gleam
Love hate range, Video Raheem
Call me, get my machine
Unknown phone calls get screened
This here ends bar 16
Yo Erick's on fire man, knahmean?

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Erick Sermon]
Yo, I make it easy for you so come on
(Erick Sermon in the house)
I do it easy for you so come on
(Erick Sermon in the house)
I rock it easy for you so come on
(Erick Sermon in the house)
I flow it easy for you so come on
(Erick Sermon in the house)

[Chorus] w/ variations

[Erick Sermon]
Combustible, Erick Sermon