Poor Ole Tom Lyrics

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He wakes, crusted in vomit
He sobs, his bowels release
His face is painted like a clown
His face contorts in agony
Poor Tom - Poor Ole Tom
Poor Tom - Ole Poor Tom
Poor Tom - Ole Poor Tom
You wake and wait
But you don't want to wait
You drag yourself from sleep

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/gwar/lyrics/poor-ole-tom] But look, Tom is coming kick him, kick him in the teeth
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He is a buffoonish harlequin
With a nasty habit of getting
The shit - the shit kicked out of him
The local Nazi bully boys
Must be rid of Tom So the Death Camp will be immaculate
When they turn the ovens on!
They smashed his face in the shit
He writhed in his death throes...