You Vs. Me Lyrics

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Staring in your eyes
I found a match not to fold
Riding the first round out,
I'm feeding on your blows
A stab in my back
Got me bleeding on your honesty
A sneak-punch to my heart
Leaves us enemies

Now it's you vs. me
And me vs. you, come hit me
You vs. me and me
Vs. you, come feed me
Me vs. you and you vs. me
I ain't leaving
You vs. me, there's no way

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You beat me baby
Mainlining hate
And judging your mistakes
Leaning on your fears and
Whispering in your ears- i got you
You vs. me and me vs. you

Cornered by my hopes
You invade my dignity
A calculated attack
On my naive personality
An assault on my place doesn't
Make you be like me
A kick to my groin
Leaves us enemies