Anti Fascist! (Statement) Lyrics


INCASE - Anti Fascist! (Statement)

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Anti- Facist!!! (Statement)

Hey! you Skinhead! ....Hey! (Stop prejudice)
This's your time..... (Stop prejudice)
For next generation (Stop prejudice)
For a new life....(Stop prejudice)

Tight your Boots ...(Stop prejudice)
And crop your head.....(Stop prejudice)
Pull up your braces (Stop prejudice)
and Ben Sherman shirt (Stop prejudice)

(Bridge Chorus)

Hey! you bootboys rise your flag
We coming back together, we share full of pride
We fight against racial prejudice!

[lyrics was taken from] (CHOROS)


Anti Facist!!!

Anti Racist!!!

Look at the boys, (Stop prejudice)
Walk on the street (Stop prejudice)
For a new a revolution (Stop prejudice)
For a Nationhead (Stop prejudice)

They bring back a spirit... (Stop prejudice)
Of 69... (Stop prejudice)
I'm sure you can't forget... (Stop prejudice)
From the past!!!.... (Stop prejudice)


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