What If I'm Right Lyrics

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But all this waitin' 'round has caused her blindness
And I'm giving up the fight

Oh, I wanna say I told her everything that we could do
But now I sit here lonely with one last thing to prove
Afraid that love might happen, convinced of a lie
Maybe I'm wrong, but what if I'm right

Should've left a long time ago, but something keeps me in

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/ingram-hill/lyrics/what-if-i-m-right] I can't stand those beautiful blue eyes longing for him
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I want her to come over, I wanna feel her touch
I just want to believe that I've been worrying too much
Can't You see I'm trying, but everything is wrong
Maybe I don't belong

7 am on a monday, and he comes waltzing in
I'm scared, but a find a way to ask, "Where have you been?"