Dream Big Lyrics

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Packing up my shh and I'm going real far
Going off to Hollywood to be a big star
There's nothing here for me so I gotta move fast
And I'm getting on the road and will never look back (hey)

I gotta dream big (dream big) cause when it happen it's gon' happen real quick (yes I feel it, I gotta)
I gotta move fast cause when it happen I can't let it move past (only get one chance)

[Verse 2:]
Can't spend another second sitting on my mama's couch
So if I don't take a chance I won't ever get out
Some people talk but never do they just running they mouth

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/jazmine-sullivan/lyrics/dream-big] But I mean just what I say and I'm a show them about yeah
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When it feel like you been waiting all your life for the second
You'll be a fool to just let it past so go and get it
No matter near or far, to the moon, the stars
I'll do whatever I need to follow my dream