Harpoon Lyrics

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This will take some explaining but I think you will agree
There is no use pretending that there's hope for you and me


And I love her, but do you think she can see
When I tell her, it's the end for you and me
It was over, ever since you went and shot me

Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon in my heart....

Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon in my heart

[Verse 2:]

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I can handle the fighting, it's the affection I can't stand
And I don't mind us talking, just don't try and touch my hand


[Verse 3:]

When you left I didn't want you back
But now your gone so won't you come right back
Come right back [x 5]


Why does it hurt
Simple matters don't seem worth
We're the same but it's not happening again