Chain Hang Low (Remix) Lyrics

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Got a little service announcement,
If your chain hang low,
Then you a certified stunta,
A certified boss,
Yung jock jibbs,
Drop that,

Do your chain hang low?
Do it wobble to the floor?
Do it shine in the light?
Is it platinum, is it gold?
Could you through it over your shoulder?
If you hot it make you cold
Do your chain hang low?

If the chain don't hang low hot it ain't lying
You can call it MJ 'cause it got hang time
Fruity pebbles round my neck yeah
Blue and yella dime
Like I robbed Roger Rabbit for these carrots, ain't lying
Gushing linking got 'em blinking vs one twinkle twinking
Draped up draped that hosie flipped back
What day call a chunk of change
People two I'm chalked full of cain
There's no need to ask who I be
At the end of my chain that's my name


My chain so long it could stretch from here to Hong Kong
My dog name dollar got a yellow diamond colla on
All the murals diamond double row from Tokyo
If you want the same chain I gotta add 40 more
Another row, make it glow, colors like a rainbow (bling)
Luda Alabama all my ballas let your chain so
Kiwi green diamond, sitting nasty all my biggarow,
Drop a couple hundred grand balling in the jewelry store
Now you know, how these diamonds got these groupie falling, nah
Fake ballaz need to shut your mouth and pull your money out
Look here boy I ain't stupid I know they cubing,
I knew it
But down here, that ain't how we do,

OK, I breeze by you 26's on the tires sitting higher than you ever sat before,
Chain hanging low,
Yeah you you can tell I'm getting bucks
Where months bathing late
Plus I got King Kong in my truck
I'm a gorilla pimping
All up on my scrilla pimping
A beatsa with the floor
about to make a million pimping

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And like gauche man my chain so icy
No chick no wife but oh I think they like me
Why? 'cause I'm on T.V. with these multi-colored diamonds
Top 10 on the charts
And you know we're still climbing
I'm a still boss haters know I'm still shining
Ay jibbs we got a hit
Bring the hook I'm through rhyming


Look, I'm the shit
I should walk around with pampers on me
Caked up, as you walk around with candles on me
Plazma screen ear rings, no channels on em
Them niggaz hitting like nails with hammers on 'em
And my bitches always acting like the cameras on 'em
Ice grill hundred thousand dollar gramma on 'em
And if you plavin we're gonna put pajamas on 'em
'cause I will put 'em to sleep nyquil
I feel.........
My chain tough I know push
Through up a leva
I know its hard
I know I'm raw
I'm well respected, like a bear claw
Them diamonds clear, like Smirnoff
Them diamonds big, like than deirdoff
Sure I'm a weirdo, but got a lot of gwap,
My jurys nsync, see how they came through

Sitting on them things, that's
Higher then my age
And a big kid gonna do mo numbers then yellow pages
Yeah I spit the heat
So I can go on and get your chest warm
'cause the kid's been stacking green longer then grass for 'em
My whole stroke is mean,
So by the time I'm 18
I'm flowing sicker then a Muslim who ate poke ad bean
And I got 2 floor
So that means it's double plush
My chain hang low then a rope that's made for double dutch
Youngaz in the gang
Stick its chain
Then I'm ripping things
The charm just flipping things
My neck could hardly lift the thing
Most expensive chain
And still got change look at jock and Wayne
Rich in mind
Man I'm hot
Diamond key with a platinum lock!