I Wear My Life Lyrics

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Come close, just look at me, can you see
That new England breeze blowin' through my hair
Stare into my eyes, can't you see the endless sky
Peakin' through the cracks of that abandoned barn
Got my first kiss there

My victories, my broken dreams, you don't have to look too far
Like an old pair of shoes, like a tattoo, sometimes like a scar

I wear my life, right on my sleeve
Who I am ain't no mystery
Where I've been has left a mark on me
No, I'm not one to try and hide
Or keep it all locked up inside
I wear my life

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I'm like an old scrapbook, not afraid to let you look
Every day's a brand new page I can't wait to cut and paste
This picture that I see, right now of you and me
Two people so in love even time can't make it fade

My smiling face, gives me away, yeah everybody knows
When you feel something this real, boy, it's bound to show

[Repeat chorus]

You can see right through me. I'm transparent
I don't just live it

[Repeat chorus]