Where Were You Lyrics

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It's good to see you come 'round, it's been a while
Sure is nice to see your smile
Yah I'm doing better now, thought about
Callin' you a hundred times

Oh I had left a couple messages
And I never heard a word
Not one

Where were you when I needed somebody
Where were you when the walls started caving in
I was waiting for someone to save me
When I was coming unglued
Where were you

A lot of things got pretty bad pretty fast

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I never thought you'd turn your back
You left me out there all alone hanging on
I just have to deal with that

Oh I can count on you when everything is easy
But when the going gets tough
I guess not

[Repeat chorus]

I had to find my own way
Now that I've made it through

[Repeat chorus (out)]