Let's Do It All Lyrics

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Baby won't you come along
And taste my love tonight
I wanna take you to another level
When my face climb off your thigh
You been a victim of a selfish game
But honey i show no shame
When you walk right by my way
Baby i can do the same
Let me hear you come on


Baby won't you slide down
Make me make crazy sounds
Baby come on get down

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Let's do ti all, let's do it all
Baby i'm gon slide down
Make you make crazy sounds
Baby come let's get down
Let's do it all, let's do it all

[Verse 2]

Come on, and taste my love tonight
Cuz tonight you look so tasty, tasty, tasty
And i got a big appetite for love
Girl the way you talk
You move your lips so right
I don't mean to disrespect you
But put your lips to work tonight