In Spite Of Myself Lyrics

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I know that there's nights i stay out too late
And time i forget to call
It's true i might at the drop of a hat
Or make a big deal out of nothing at all

I'm not much for rules but i'm faithful and true
She knows on the inside i'm good
What she sees in me ain't half as important
As what she overlooks

And i wouldn't blame her if she said goodbye
Cause she ain't like nobody else

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And i must be the luckiest man alive
Cause she loves me in spite of myself

I know she must wonder if she made the right choice
And sometimes i wonder too
It must be hard watchin' a man like me
Trying to make all of her dreams come true

I promised the moon and the stars in the sky
On the night that she promised her love
And i haven't come through though i'm trying to
She says that's more than enough