To Tell You The Truth, I Lied Lyrics


Joe Nichols - To Tell You The Truth, I Lied

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She caught me at home without the lights on
Ten minutes more and i'd of been gone
Out somewhere painting the town
Since your here face to face
You've got a few things you want to set straight
On all of the rumors you say i've been spreading around
Yeah i said i'm glad it's over to tell you the truth
If you havne't found somebody new I hope you do
I said i didn't miss you at all

[lyrics was taken from] I never wanted for you to call
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And i never cried but
To tell you the truth, i lied

Well i can't deny but baby i tried
To put you down just to cover my pride
After all i've said i guess we're done
If i had to do it all over again
Before i'd break i'd be willing to bend
One second chance girl, you'd be second to none