We Need To Roll Lyrics

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I came here tonight with party intentions
Girl you know I'm usually a gentleman
I got this feeling, I need some healing
I believe that you might have my medicine
Damn it's so crowded tonight (I know you just got off work)
But you look sexy tonight (show me what's under your skirt)
For now, just hide it, girl I like surprises
Move closer woman, I just wanna tell you something

We need to move (move)
Girl I really love the things you do (do)
Oh, look at what you started
Ain't thinking 'bout nothing else
I just wanna be by ourselves
So we can oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oh)
We need to roll (roll)
Girl I gotta place where we can go (go)
Oh, look at what you started
Let me hit this last sip of Patron
Then it's on, oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oh)

[VERSE 2:]
Girl your smile
Has me on the prowl
I'm sayin' its cool in here
But we gon' need privacy for my idea
I got some aches back at my place

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So the pool outside will be feeling right
For some dipping, for touching, for some kissing, for hugging
Baby I'm damn near bent, so I'm 'bout to go all in
Tell the valet, we're on our way
Coming on down, right about now


[VERSE 3:]
Girl we're grown enough
To do what we wanna do
Girl we known eachother long enough
To have a fun night or two
So lets not lose this alcohol influence
Yes I want you oh so bad
No more faking
Just keep drinking
Stop the talking
Get to walking
Ah girl I'm near bent
But I'm 'bout to go all in
Tell the valet, we're on our way
Coming on down, right about now