Can't Believe It Lyrics

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This track makes me feel so good
Better than I would by myself
Or if I was with anybody else
You make the people say yeahhh yeahhhh...uhh

[Verse 1]
He wanna put me in palace
All the way down in Dallas
When you whisper in my ear,
Make a phantom just appear like magic
You wanna take me from my mom's house
To a Cambridge town house
Louis purses to collect,
Put some diamonds on my neck
Is that what you about, boy...

Brought me in the back
So we can have a conversation,
I just need a little meditation
To think about you and me

Oh, I cant believe it
Ooh ooh he all on me, on me
I, I, I think he want me, want me
To be his one and only
Ooh I cant believe it

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I, I, I think he want me, want me
To be his one and only

If you really want it,
Let me hear you say yeah...yeah...yeah
If you didnt know
We make the people say yeah...yeah...yeah

[Verse 2]
Tryna buy me out the mall
Throw your paper on it all
Wrapped in Dolce&Gabbana
And come over when you wanna get involved, no
You're so sexy (sexy, sexy)
But its hard to get me (get me, get me)
Boy I wanna know your heart and your mind
Not just your pedigree
But you look so good
So I wanna get to know you
Maybe dinner or a walk through the city
Baby just us two

Boy I know you're focused and I dig your concentration,
I just need a little demonstration
Talkin' bout you and me