Understand The Dream Is Over Lyrics

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theory is only obvious to the skeptical, and at the bitter end.
You're staring at a white page and the print is plain to see.
Now turn the page and read what's written. It's your history.
Do you understand? The dream is over. You haven't slept in years.
Don't be looking for answers. You're better following trails.
You're staring at a black screen. Your body starts to tense.
When two plus two is five or less it's time to question common

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/juliana-theory/lyrics/understand-the-dream-is-over] sense. Silence is a secret, a weapon in disguise. Listen to
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the silence. Open up your eyes. Do you decide what you hear
and believe? Tell me who makes your mind up for you. Do you
believe what you see to be true? Can you tell me who owns the
truth? Who bought the truth? What is your disposition? Here
is my new disposition. You're about to understand. Our theory
is only obvious to the skeptical and at the bitter end.