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Well hello everybody
Welcome to MDA, that's Mountain Dew Anonymous
For those that have abuse problems with Mountain Dew
We have a new member today, his name's KJ-52
KJ introduce yourself
My name is KJ-52 and I'm addicted to Mountain Dew
Tell the people a little about what happened

What am I gonna do, I'm addicted to Mountain Dew
When I drink just one or two
People say "Boy what's wrong with you man"
Start acting like a fool, from all the caffeine and sugar too
I'm fiending like I ain't got a clue
And this is what I'm gonna say to you

Uhh...Gimme that Mountain Dew
Uhh...Gimme that Mountain Dew
Uhh...Gimme that Mountain Dew
I ain't playing with you better gimme that Mountain Dew

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Well, KJ I know that must be tough to talk about,
But part of recovery is talking about it starts
Explain how this started

I started when i was on tour
I had to stay awak so I went to the store
Loaded up and I buth like four,
I just kept drinking more and more
When all of a sudden something happened to me
Just for some reason I couldn't fall asleep
Mabe it was all the sugar and the caffeine
Not sure but I started to scream...


Well, KJ I know that was painful to talk about
But you CAN overcome it
You just have to admit that you have a problem.

I got a problem I jsut can't help it
Somebody help I think I'm addicted
Cause every day i just got to have it