Hamburger Hop Lyrics

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just eat a hamburger it'll hit the spot
you can see 'em on the griddle
goin' flippety flop
makes you wanna do the boogie
to the hamburger hop

They're open up 24 hours a day
just waitin' and hopin'
all the folks would say
put a burger on the griddle
do a flippety flop
put an onion in the middle
and a pickle on top

[lyrics was taken from] There just ain't nothin' finer, no
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nothin's quite so new
? the seasoning ?
like the burger's always do

You really should go
because it's swept the land
everybody's goin' to the hamburger stand
and they put 'em on the griddle
do the flippety flop
everybody does the boogie
to the hamburger hop

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