Wanna Grow Up Lyrics

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won't grow up
I won't grow up
won't grow up
I won't grow up (but u gotta grow up)
I don't wanna go to school (but u gotta go to school)
Its too hard to be a parent (u don't have to be a parent)
and besides the silly rules (no no silly rules)
I won't grow up (but u gotta grow up)
won't grow up (but u gotta grow up)
I won't grow up (but u gotta grow up)
won't grow up (okay)

[verse 1]

when I was growing up I was so mischievous king of my class thanks for teaching
us doing intros on truth albums remember that I been doin' this rome been on

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/lil-romeo/lyrics/wanna-grow-up] da map in fact did it once or twice I learned a few things get yo paper fo u
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get yo ice and diamond rings don't think twice go wit cha gut feeling invest in
yo self for that big time feeling and all things come in time be patient ain't
no money in thuggin life start on a payment my choice I ain't in no rush to
grow up I luv being a kid one rule lets live it up

[chorus 1-2]

[verse 2]

this the kid life and I'm livin it up and me doin music the miller boys that's
us sad times so I rhyme game time AAU championship game on the line I'm blessed
in wit fame its all in the breathe that's how we ball and that's how we achieve
I don't wanna be a parent now giving to the needy breaking rules unfair just
looking to be greedy I got game so I have to share it and me without that is
like bugs with no carrot the empire one day I'll inherit but for now ima kid
childhood ima cherish