That's Where I'll Be Lyrics

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Holding you is revelation
Baby I have seen the other side
And there's nothing but lonely
So I left for doing only what it takes
To bridge the great divide

I would ride across the mesa
To the Arizona plain
And sail beyond the shores of sisco beach
I'd go down the Mississippi
To the land of hurricanes
Or I'll climb
Th hills of Tennessee
If that's where you are
That's where I'll be

[lyrics was taken from] Loving you is sweet salvation
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Baby there's no measure to your words
Now it's your love that makes me
So I'll follow where it takes me
Even to the edge of the earth


Without you I'm only drifting
Through a life that I'm not living
Without you I'm a heart without a home


If that's where you are
Thats where I'll be

Oh oh oh oh etc.