Sexy Hypnotist Lyrics

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I roll in with the dealer's high
forever yours I'm never sure
I'll bake the apple pies you like
American like it or not
I'll take you for all that you got
a certified casino bride
I roll in with the dealer's high
and I am looking for the slots
I'm filing down my heart
desert, be kind to this traveler

I'm a sexy hypnotist
lost on the strip
a sexy hypnotist
and I'll bear it all

[lyrics was taken from] cause abs and buns are so much fun
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I'm flying down the road of life
there's no sign of the past in sight
the men I knew ain't seen me since
I left the sheets and hit the strip
the palaces I left behind
the palaces I hope to find
I ride the tiger in the light
I roll in with the dealer's high
some chick offers me a drink
I'm not like her I think
all tarted up in some
burned out shade of pink