Your Lover's Nerve Lyrics

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Belgium or France maybe England
Reading your lips and they could be easily for me so fine and free
Well I went down here for your number but your colours were grey
I obeyed the fact that you were small, so silly small
But I'm easy for your lover's nerve
I'm easy and you might be hurt in a year or two weeks from now on
And when I think of it you lied you cut all my maybes twice
You might be far away Tango and waltz in the evening

[lyrics was taken from] Chasing the fears and they could be finally for me hunt them to be free
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Load my revolver discussed with the old man stinking of gin
We'll it could be clear as ice to see just like you and me my friend
'Cause I am easy for your lover's nerve...
I am easy for your lover's nerve...
You might be far away, but I just don't know...