Hey Stranger Lyrics

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And all the while your dreams of me can sleep
Is this the only way to find
The best way for you to run and hide
I am here and you are there at separate ends
Whisper goodbye as your fears are slowly shattered
Whisper goodbye to a million man made heart beats
Buried and dead, buried and dead
We're all strangers in the making
In this room the same old games but the same old games get tired

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/melee/lyrics/hey-stranger] They're tired day after day first in love and second dread
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So close your eyes, relax and slowly tilt your head
Back in my hands where we first met
I'll paint your scene with tears and sweat
Fingers bleed, and people need so endlessly
When walking backwards makes the day go faster
Then you'll see what never really mattered
Whisper as your fears are slowly shattered
They're shattered