Sleeping Through Autumn Lyrics

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Into my life and became a mystery
Can you be real enough so I can hold you hand
Hold you tight, close my eyes and everything will be alright
I'm as weak and fragile as can be
Don't lead me on, come on you know you do
Escape all that you're afraid to be
Run away with me tonight
And I know it's hard yes I know you cry sometimes
But I'll be here by your side as the leaves
And I'll hold your hand through the pain
As the leaves fall tonight

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She was a girl who this morning left alone
Out of my life as she had come
Can you breathe me in as fast as I can breathe you out
Look in my eyes and realize that everything will be alright
No perfect word no melody can sing all that you mean to me
If you give me the opportunity make your heart real and cry out for me
I'll take you away from this world for one second in time
I know it's hard and I know it hurts you
I know you cry sometimes
And I know you miss her all the time