Farewell My Hell Lyrics

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so here's my letter.
To get it off my chest.
Promise father, don't look back,
it's not for the better.
I know you tried your best.

Everybody seems so happy like they all share
something I haven't felt for years.
For long I've tried to just hold on but now I don't care
I'm closing down my thoughts and fears.
Forgive me, life is cruel.
I'm leaving you.

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you know I'm sorry,
for every high hand.
Give my love to mother,please
tell her not to worry.
I hope she'll understand.

So long, don't wait for me in vain.
What's wrong with being free from pain?
Be strong and live your lives like I never could.
Farewell, let the memories be nice.
To hell!? Don't think you go there twice.
I'm well off right here, it's more than good.
So Farewell...