Nosepicker Lyrics

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and I'm quite impressed
if you pick again, pick one for your friends
they're leaving you, leaving you all alone
When you're in the mood to do the stuff that you'll regret
then take a knife, it could end your life.

It's your nose that you are picking
It's your choice to pick your nose and think
It's groce to pick your nose like that in front of all your so called friends
but if it makes you feel better than this story's rather sad.

Just let me tell you what i think
I think you really stink

[lyrics was taken from] you took my feelings and went away, stay away
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is it enough or do you want some more?

I will never open my door for you anymore
if you don't change your way, stay away.

I don't want to ask you another question
about me and you, because you don't care

Nosepicker told me, plug your finger and keep on picking
But don't pick on me, I'm in your dreams in color
and i think I'll stay there for long
Forget the time, it's pointing at you
You must be bad, must be bad, must be rather sad.