Punk Rock Rebel Lyrics

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One of few who inspired me
To get into the punkrock scene
the year I turned seventeen

Our first song ever Danny wrote
For teenage angst he was the antidote
An uncut diamond full of strife
His first demo changed my life

He's a rebel it's plain to see
Punk rock rebel so full of strife

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/millencolin/lyrics/punk-rock-rebel] He's a rebel and he'll always be
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Someone who changed my life

It takes a lot for a man to stay unbowed
He's the one and only "Svag and proud"
Partners we have been in crime
And in music from time to time

Although most known for his drinking skills
It's not the side of him that gives me thrills
It's the gifted poet I see in Dan
To me he'll always be "the man"