The Fruit That Ate Itself Lyrics

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Got bad breath talking bout fresh rain
my hand my hand gonna shake the same
are you gonna be your own goddamn best friend
well we taught the fruit how to eat itself
it was hanging out alone all on the shelf
how do I land
cause I don't understand
walk across the country shaking many hands
and you're buying the product,
but you didn't get that cos you already got it
and you do not understand
take a drive...

[lyrics was taken from] black hole talking bout nothing
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you cant get the chicken or the stuffing
going round and you think your tuff
when you cant kick ass
take a ride on a downtown train
wake-up so you can get drunk again well
take a drive in the wrong hand lane
got bad breath talking bout fresh rain
we taught the mirror how to admire itself
are you gonna get sick worrying bout your health
where do I land
I don't understand