Don't Touch The Fader Lyrics

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Come On Men.
Don't Touch the fader

Nobody said this club was closing
Too many hipsters on the dance floor boking
Too many blue jeans standing on the outside rain
Let 'm in, Let 'm in
Watch me, now watch my body twisting
Forget yourself nobody's watching (yeah)
And let the heavy rhythm catch your life, help you swing

[Chorus (2x)]
(Don't touch the fader)
Don't touch the fader, DJ.
Don't touch the fader.
Don't stop the beat, keep on the accelerator
Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up for me.

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The fashionista's in their tight wash
The poppers poppin' in their neon's
Too many people saw their record blow the outside rain
The speaker's speaking to nobody, the rhythm sneaking up and through me.
We got a lot of getting down to, until you are with me

[Chorus (2x)]

Keep it up, getting down (Don't)
Keep it up, getting down (Don't)
Don't touch the fader.

[Chorus 3x]

Don't touch the fader