Restart Lyrics

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Always there on time
Funny how the clock that i used to watch
Now never seems to mind
Tried hard to collect interest and respect
By cutting out some things i thought didn't matter
Turned all of my whines into "doing fines"
It saves me so much time

I'm stuck in a square, becoming one too
Three stories above i hear there's a view
Long way to the ground
But i'll probably stick around

Now i've got a view

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Miles to the ocean
But i can't see you and maintain devotion
I wish i could say, "i'll be there"

And slowly the stories start to unbind
And tell me the years spent never were mine
I'm always to owe a debt to my heart
Unless i can find a way to restart and take control

Slowly the edge gets closer to you
You've got the most space with the greatest of views
You've paid off the debt you owe to your heart
You've paid off the debt, now go and restart