Representin' Lyrics

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Yeah yo
This for them boys that been down wit me for tha last five years
Before this shit was cool

Im representin!
Im representin bruh them boys aint seein me know i got some cheese spendin G's so they envy me
Im representin!
Im representin this nothin but this thug shit rep mine well for ATL
Im representin im representin my shit ho, im representin im representin my shit ho, im representin im representin my shit
Ho, im representin a bitch you already know

A word to tha wise
Before you look me in my eyes
Yo ho told me that ya raps a buncha lies
You ride through tha hood, lookin at tha signs
But you was in tha house most of tha time
For sayin you grind and sayin that you drivin chevy's
No AC playboy you lookin sweaty
You know me you done heard vica versa

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Know i post up in some shit just to hurt ya
A hundred thousand dollar truck i paid it out cash
Before i left tha lot i put them feet on her ass
Three tv's windows tinted this is how i representin


A word to tha wise before you confuse the people
I been doin this before yo ass was legal
When you was at MBK my brothers keeper
I was on MLK wit street sweepers
I know you say aint no way he can be seen
This niggas not a man this niggas a machine
Tha owner of tha Bounce i knew i'd make a profit
A couple hundred grand i had that shit in my pocket
I know that im tha man i know that i am winnin
And r-e-p-r-e-s entin!