Give And Get Lyrics

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just complaining bout your life
think you have nothing it's not working
and you just want to get out
why don't you take the time
and take your blinders off
you've got to try and make an effort
cause you know that
what you give is/what you get
you have so much just look around
what you give is/what you get
if you just take the time to look around
then you will find
blame spoiled rotten brats
for things that you don't have
as it turns out what they possess
are not things you'd want anyhow
get off your high horse

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and turn that frown upside down
god helps those who help those
who help themselves in any sort of instance
there's opportunities/yet you don't want 'em
just lie around and/watch 'em go
just a limp body/that doesn't have fun
do I feel sorry/for you hell no
get off your ass
get with the program
there are so many fun options
waiting outside your front door
think of what you have not what you don't
cause in the head
there's no one who really gives a shit anymore
what you give is what you get and
what you've been giving you've been getting