Just Breathe (with Cadmium) (Ft. Jon Becker) Lyrics


Rival (Valentin Rieff) - Just Breathe (with Cadmium) (Ft. Jon Becker)


Just Breathe

Many miles away from home
The steps so difficult, I'm exhausted
But I did not fall, I hope
Something good is coming up

Free like a bird, but also bound
Look at my footsteps on the ground
I raise my head, listen to the sound
Im happy with what I have found

Just breath, just breathe
Just breath, just breathe

No one ever told me how hard its gonna be

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/rival-valentin-rieff/lyrics/just-breathe-with-cadmium-ft-jon-becker] My way is full of branches like the roots of a tree
Where should I go from here?
I need a good advice
The Elders waiting for me
At sunrise

Im in a Prison with open Doors
ten directions on the floor
I lose my mind
Lose my sight
Tell me how I´m gonna win this fight

Take the courage babe,
everybody breaks,
this is not your fate, have a new tale
cause I would rather die, than have to live a life,
not being who I wanna be

Just Breathe