2 O'clock Lyrics

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"2 O'clock"

It must be hard to be you
It's hard to be me too
But I try to see the flowers in her eyes before she blooms
It's what I fear
I fear that we're insincere and I'm scared of growing cold

It doesn't mean a thing
That you can't sing on key

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Cause I have got a song to hum that will make us feel alive
And we will be fine
Do you want a drink if I've gone inside?
You see I'll be here away from fear in the park they built for us
Two O'clock, to the park
To my world into the dark

Josie smiles and laughs
Me and Scarlett will smoke our hash
A.D. and Amelia sang a song when love was on the wrong
She lit her cigarette
Julia's love was clear as she is
Drawing all your fears
Beautiful and clear Scott sing another song