Procrastinating Lyrics

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So here i am it's 3a.m
I don't know where to begin
Time's running out and
There's no doubt that i feel
Like throwing in the towel
With no way I can get this
Start finished
So i'm a day late at least
A buck short I've got no
Chance to make this on
My own I don't have it made I'm
Nowhere near the shade will
You step in this life and take
Show me the way I know
That slow and steady wins
The race but slow to me

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Lightning pace and all i
Get is nowhere constantly
Waiting Are you still
There and do you care about
What i'm feeling now I'd like
To see what i could be
Without this holding me
Down but I'm too scared of
Taking this chance and
Failing I'm always waiting
Procrastinating i feel so
Useless on my own You're
Always waiting just in time
To save me I'm not so useless
I'm not alone so here i am
It's 3a.m. No better time to