Sink Like A Stone Lyrics

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With every breath
I breath you in and out
With every touch
I fall to deep in love
With every look
I lose a piece of my heart
Yet I don't know who you are
A strangers kiss is not a risk worth taking
But I'd kiss you for sure anyway
Why don't you steal this smile?
But swear you won't leave me alone
Or I would sink like a stone

Silently you slip in
And totally change everything
Suddenly I hear you breathing
And now I am sinking like a stone

With every word
You spell out destiny

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Into a crazy dream
With every hour
We talk until it is light
It's the perfect, perfect night
I'd never wish for you to be mistaken
But please god let you feel this way too
Softly you steal a kiss
I'm floored
I am gone
I am thrown
And I would sink like a stone


Like a feather
That has fallen right at your feet
And like the rain
That tries to quench the thirst of the summer heat
What you say about a lifetime of someone to love?
I am sinking like a stone
Help me up