Wonder (If She'll Get It) Lyrics

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Dear diary
I saw this guy at the show
He was singing to me
At last I think so
All the world around me stopped when he said
He's the perfect guy
His hair, his eyes, oh I love his smile
When he opened the door
Knew he was worthwhile
He looked so good standing right next to me
So beautiful I know our children will be
This time I know it's true love

He is the one that I've been waiting for
I promise to love him
I've waited my whole life for the day I am his
I just know he's the
Wonder what his name is

Dear diary
Today I found a new guy

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With a movie star face and the perfect lines
Knight in shining armor
Hero to rescue me
He'll be so romantic just like in the movies
He'll play the role of a boyfriend for me
Like in "here on earth" with leelee sobieski
There's just one problem something I might have missed
He's a movie star he doesn't know I exist
This time I know it's true love


Dear diary
I thought my dreams had come true
Last week I found the one to give my heart to
Told all my friends about him, even tried his last name
Didn't see that to him it was all just a game
He seemed so nice, I've known him for a while week
But my friends didn't like him, didn't know him like me
No more crushes, no more ruses, learn to be satisfied
With being single again - wait who's that guy
You are cute!