Poparazzi Lyrics

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The who's who and the so and so's
This is a tune for the graven images
Of Marilyn Monroe
We saw your face on the magazine
We heard your song on the MP3

You're stuck in my head
Stuck in my head
Stuck in my head
You can close your ears and your eyes but
Pop will never leave you alone

Leave me alone with all your social mingle
You try so hard to stay on top
Leave me alone with your little jingle
With your picture perfect pop

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We read the article in Seventeen
We saw the video on MTV

This is a tune for the late Nirvana
The teen spirit of rock-and-roll
This is a tune for the velvet Elvis'
On the 90210

I thought my eyes were gonna get off clean
Til I read your lips on the TV screen
You were busy saying things you didn't mean
Now everyone's singing along
With your ridiculous song
You got it stuck
You got it stuck in my head...