Possessed By Past Tragedies (tragic Shadows) Lyrics


The Chasm - Possessed By Past Tragedies (tragic Shadows)

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25 years of void, I've been dead...awaiting, always with a two-faced sky above me,
Searching for forgotten realms of the sun and loosing the sense of what is an illusion,
I shall be the Immortal thunder, such sights, such truths I can't no longer stand.
My time has come to separate my fear from my flesh...As the Eternity opens in blood red aura,
I feel the nails of Anxiety hammering my soul,
Behind me I can see my twisted reflections (my mortal shell), is whithered and dissolved in superior torment.
I have come one with Suffering. As a thousand carcasses are licking my blood-tears,

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Filth of aged flesh is falling from the stars, this is my punishment, my joy...
Impaled in spikes of sorrow, I've vanished, then,
I awake into an obscure dungeon where I awake just to realize that my tragedy of pleasure was just a dream...