The Ecstasy Of Pain And Destruction Lyrics


The Chasm - The Ecstasy Of Pain And Destruction

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A strange cosmic gathering of leading forces
The ones that procreated this war within
A saga of crushing emotions
Bonded and melted by the eyes of the lost years
The cursed root of my damnation

May my destiny be the one i've created
The real motive to continue this battle
Rest will never be found until the other face of the infraworld has been conquered
Endless voyage full of hate
Infinite road covered with pain

This gift of fury, the awakening of the beast within
Honour and blood, no failure will be done

[lyrics was taken from] The fortress, deceptive mind of a saddened spirit
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Claim the scythe, my sceptre of frozen grief

For this is a neverending tale of scorn
But with every soul I have devoured
The vengeance just fades closer
Near the revelating storm

My eyes watch in fury
For every blasphemy I have spewed
The portal has come closer to the possession