I Want The World Lyrics

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I am all alone and I cant be without you
Can you feel the pain thats in my heart
Its been so long since I've had you near me
And it is tearing me apart
I wanna be with you I wanna change my life
I wanna help somebody you know Ive got the time
I know theres pain inside you don't want another girl
You don't like the eart we live on
Then I'll change the world
And its true that I can say I love you

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You're the only one that makes me laugh instead of cry
You're the only one that makes me whole
I want the world I'll take control
I'll try to make things right I won't turn out the lights
I won't turn my back on you
When things are down I'll turn it all around
Turn a smile from a frown thats what I'm gonna do