Pugilistic Burn Postures Lyrics

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Carbonized extremities cooked and charred
Burst organs jellified simmering in boiling lard
Smoking slab of blackened burnt meat
Scent of immolation, sickeningly sweet...
Horrifying corpses posed by flame
Muscles constricted, melted, and maimed
Postures assumed from the singing heat
Posthumous pugilistic athletes...
Muscle fiber twisted, gnarled, and hard

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/the-county-medical-examiners/lyrics/pugilistic-burn-postures] Scorched arms in a feeble boxer's guard
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Superheated flesh chips excoriate and flake
From this repulsive side of cooked human steak...
Hardened skin dulls my blades
Incandescent embers stoke this flambe
Tangled remains of this funeral pyre
Increase morgue temperature and make me perspire...