Uptempo Venomous Poison Lyrics

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you might already know but a green light
flashes before my eyes and it's time for my verbal flow
You're overthere I'm overhere
and I got things to say the latest news
about this and that and whatever might
come my way
So I can tell you anything, anything you
might wanna know

It's the truth, so I've heard, so I've read
yeah, that's the word

So I'm about to tell you anything, anything

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back noway cause I like the way we GO

Tell me something, and I'll be gone,
twisting facts and surely I'll pass'em on
I pass the word, I set it free and every
word you'll ever here has at some point
been through me

I can tell you anything, anything you might
wanna hear So red light yellow light green
light go then I'm the one to put the word
out there.