The Machine Lyrics


Guessin this is the part where I start
Telling you I wanna tear your body all apart
Beatin all day like your heart
Come here can I park
This spots so perfect
Cut em all off cuz you so worth it
You said you left him cuz he made you feel worthless
And you were scared cuz I made you so nervous
Well lets play it like you never heard the radio
Or seen the tv
See me for me
She smiled touchin my chest
Trigga you a mess
Baby im for real
She said you better be
Baby im so for real you can go ask heavy d
Speakin of heavy d
Think ya can lift that
Game in the bag but they forgot to gift wrap
Blind me for never givin into the rift raft
Turned into a machine all im seein is pitch black
They aint never gunna stop me
Never forget that
All they can do is watch me like eyelids peeled back
Everything im sayin you should know that I meant that
Baby girl tell them that im fresh as a mint pack
Tic Tac breath strips
Where we going breast slip
Tongue kiss
Married to the melody
Sleeping with the drum kick
Tell the hi hat kick when I say so
Rearrange beats track got made over
When the sun rise I just got a day colder
Beats like food after I pray over
Turn the prey over
Got great molars
Time to wake the world up
Call me trey fold yas?
Trey told ya
Take over
So cold I can freeze the great lakes over
Order me a cold beer
I aint talkin number 8
Talkin well done wild goose stake

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Get a plate
Ya aint never heard of that
Yea that boy murdered that
She says she my baby tell me where the gerber at
And don't speak a word of that
Gerber rap
Not havin a damn thing to do with any word of that (Songz!)
Baby this songz
We can get gone
Like Ideal im ireel
What I feel
Im one of the realest
don't know what ya dealin
I can call bluffs and count cards
Dealin with a sane man
Jermaine rainman
Workin out all the potholes out my gameplan
Its a lot of pressure havin money and fame and
It started as a dream
Now its all about the cream
You can call me the machine
Call me the machine
Gon call me the machine
Call me the machine
Yea call me the machine
Shawty get ya maballine
Cuz we bout to make a scene
Hop in that machine
You can roll with the machine
Moneys in my jeans
Imma a money fiend
I put that on everything
That im chasin every dream
Call me the machine (chine chine chine chine)
Call me the machine
Triggered a machine
Damn right imma machine
I dedicate this to the king
Moo what up
I dedicate this to my homie in the feds
He told me I gotta work harder than I ever worked before
No problem nigga
I gotcha
Come here
Come here
Lemme herd that
Eh lemme herd that
Run it back