Incinerator Lyrics

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I'm going to Seattle with a shotgun in my hand
I'm gonna blow your ass away because you
dissed my band
I despise you
you're probably just a four - eyed geek whose
values are insane
I'm gonna take a rusty icepick and insert it in your
I despise you
but I love the monster hero
I read your reviews I find them hilarious
how does it feel to trip the lights vicarious
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you're politically correct, worthless boring and
I don't wonna hear about the party you went to
last night
you're the kind of person that I just can't stand
I don't wanna hear about your life cause you're
not Lester Bangs
if you don't like my band you're shit
that's all there is to it
put down your pen and your paper
you're just an intellectual faker
rocknroll doesn't need you