Salmon Day Lyrics

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When my heart is cold and my mind is dead like a
burn out TV screen
I get some toxics go down to the river and forget
what I heve seen
and soon I start to change like a radioactive beast
I smile like a serial killer headed for a feast
down and down and down I go into depravity
but you won't follow insecurity
you're a victim once too often - unable to laugh
I am sick and filled with hate gonna rip this world
in half
you don't watch TV you think it's bad you follow
the party line
if I lived my life like you did I'd be bummed out all
the time
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I love this world - war pollution and desaster
you want it to slow down - I want it to go faster
Machiavelli and neon lights - it's always been the
you can't go back - only yourself to blame
if you want something just take it - reach it out of
the air
someday there won't be anything there
didn't know what time it was couldn't hear what
Sunny said
when I saw the lateness of the hour I wished I was dead
so if your future's bright have some fun along the road
and if your future's dim you better sell out before
you're sold
just like a salmon returning from the sea
come on little dogies follow me