Can't Be Happy Lyrics

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Turn off the tv, put the paper away,
I can't take it anymore today,
Turn off the radio, and close the door
I know I can't be happy anymore
(because) the world... is getting harder every day...
and none of us will get a say....
but soon enough we're gonna pay...
We'll Pay One Day!

Why can't the world be more emotional,
'Cos economics isn't rational,
And everybody's out for number one
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But when they stop you know they've come undone

Now I now exactly what's in store,
Greed and selfishness I can't ignore,
Every life becomes a closing door
And so I can't be happy anymore
I can't ignore what I once used to
Turn away from what we all go through
Not happening far away it's at my door
And now I can't be happy anymore