Beautiful Things Can Come From The Dark Lyrics

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Someone else's boy, you've had it so hard,
Will you grow up to be you,
Or a sum of your parts just hanging in the air?
Someone else's boy, tell me your convoluted stories through half-rotten mouth,
I will decipher them, to tell the world of your heart,
How beautiful things can come from the dark,
Oh, boy

Someone else's boy, I have seen your face,
Light in the stars, it was then I knew,
That your heart was pure, that it had not yet been destroyed,
Oh, no

Someone else's boy, I have hope for you,
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That you will keep your love for the world,
Even though it beats you down, every day,
For the rest of your stay

If you could sweep up the pieces and watch them swirl,
You could even find love in the arms of someone else's girl

Someone else's boy, though your life has been short,
You've seen more pain than most of us know,
If you make it through this, vacuum up the mess,
Smile to yourself, lying on your nice new clean floor